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The Land Of Innes

The Land of Innes is a relativley young world having a written history for only about 800 yrs, with most of it being lost in The Great Mana Void, which is also the only major event in the history of Innes. Innes is filled with all races and deities. It was a single full continent until the void which created a small island to the south. It has a temperate climate with mostly plains and forrest other than a small are of desert in the Southwest. Mountains are also a common sight with two major mountain rangeswich come together at one point to form Dead Man’s Pass. There is one major river which feeds into and Crystal lake and one smaller one that feeds into Hale Lake and two major bodies of water besides the sea. Baiden Bay is also quite a sight to see with the massive trade ships bustling back and forth and the Grand Imperial Citadel which hovers in the mouth of the bay keeping a vigilent watch on Innes. Korameyth is the main city and where the King resides and is by far the biggest and most luxurious in all the land. The silvansti forrest is also a wonder of the lands with it’s ginormous trees, though this also the land of the elves and few are permitted with in. Crater island (The small island created in the south) would be a wonderful place to see if it weren’t for the mss population of gomes boating over there where they try to study the crater made in the Void. All in all Innes is a wonderful land filled with people, adventure, and relics of apast forgotten.

The Great Mana Void


Main Page

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