This is going to be the first RPGSIL online campaign.

As far as Campaign details, I can’t really say much without revealing anything, but I can say it will be a resemblence of our first. I’m doing a start at level 1 instead of level 0, simply cause I don’t want to waste the time on the level up from 0 to 1. I’m highly encourging Role playing (Especially if the rewards come back which I think might contain some sort of bonus award such as xp or gift of some sort.. I’ll have to think about it.) Anyways I hope the story and roleplaying to become a big part of the campaign, hence why I want the world to be fleshed out so there will be reoccuring characters and a real feel to the world. Everyone will know each other, living in the same town together, Try to come up with a reason in the backstory as of why he would be in this bustling village. Notice I say village and not city, it’s not huge but it’s not a small town neither. The village name is Hale. Also this is being mvoed to a Play by Post game at

Characters will be level 1, as usual I allow +2 level adjustment to be a chosen race and ignore the level adjustment, anything above is disapproved. As long as the class is in a 3rd or 3.5 book and you have the proof, it is allowed by it’s class rules. Stats are the usual 5d6, highest 3, reroll 1’s. There is also a buyout method where once you’ve assigned what you rolled you can -2 to a stat for +1 to another. Please feel free to come up with a character idea and story and submit it to me. I wanna know my characters as I’m making the world so it can be built for them.


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